Sunday, October 03, 2010

Blogfish turns 300,000

Blogfish hit 300,000 visits (nearly half a million page views) on 1 October, 2010, at midnight Central Europe Time. Lucky visit number 300,000 was an Arabic speaker from Tunisia, clicking in to "Plastic in 40% of turtle stomachs.", which (s)he found through Google image search

Who knew in April 2006, when blogfish birthed, that the damn thing would still be kicking 4.5 years later?

Here's a few interesting tidbits about visitors number 299,999 to 300,002:

299,999: Palestine, Texas, viewing "Smokestacks at Sea."
300,001: Auberry, California, viewing "Akumal Underwater."
300,002: London, England...


Kevin Zelnio said...

Congrats Mark!

Up Welng said...

congrats to the proverbial old man in the blog, er... i mean sea!

Mark Powell said...

Hey, who's old? Just because I was Melville's science advisor for Moby Dick...and no, he didn't take my advice on the whole whale/fish dispute.