Sunday, September 04, 2011

A fish that lives on land

Who knew there was a fish that lives on land? Not just a walking catfish that can tolerate being out of the water, this is a fish that actually prefers to be out of the water.

It's the Pacific leaping blenny, and it's unusual lifestyle is described in a new study. These interesting fish engage in complex behaviors on dry (actually moist) land, and they can leap about from place to place with a tail-flicking motion, clinging to almost any firm surface with their modified fins.

Click the video below and watch them leap!


Tootie said...

That is one interesting post! :)

MADNESS358 said...

Cool Fish. They must occupy shores where there is little waves beating on the rocks or else they will be swept away.

I wouldn't be surprised these fishes are related to the mudskippers you find in the tropics along the mangroves.