Sunday, September 23, 2012

Cheated at the fish counter

Do you like to pay fish prices when you're buying ice? Some people are happy to sell you ice at $15 per pound. An investigation of people selling fish packed in ice, and charging you for the ice, found the deceptive practice is common. It's bad enough that you might want cod and get pollock instead. Adding insult to injury, you might get 10 ounces of pollock when you pay for 12 ounces of cod. Ouch.


Mary Smith said...

This is the kind of seafood fraud we should be spending energy/money fighting, not harassing people for calling "Sablefish" Black Cod! It's this kind of bad business practice that contributes to decreasing trust of seafood, and corresponding low consumption numbers. Responsibly sourced seafood should be part of our regular diet, and we need honest suppliers selling good fish!

Daytona Beach Fishing Charter said...

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kenny brooks said...

This is nothing.You should come to Goa,India and see the real sea food fraud.Fisherman sale local fishes by calling them names of shark and salamon. The best thing is people buy it and dont complain! In goa they never sale full size fishes.They just sale part of fishes calling them different names.