Thursday, April 23, 2009

Obama wants energy from ocean wind

It's like I wrote President Obama's Earth Day speech. In Iowa, Obama announced the death of Captain NIMO with a nod to blogfish:

"Captain NIMO is dead, and we're going to explore clean energy options from the ocean" he said, "and I'd like to thank the ocean blog, blogfish for leading on this issue."

OK, he didn't really say that, but it's almost like he did.

He did announce new regulations that authorize offshore wind energy leases. And the goal of the program is clean energy and green jobs.

Now it's time for ocean people to find a way to play in the new push for clean ocean industry, by helping solve problems rather than playing Captain NIMO. If we're worried about the acid ocean zombie plague monster, then we have to find a way to bring some ocean-based solutions to the climate change table. Otherwise, we and the oceans will be road kill in the race for solutions.

It's the new face of Earth Day, who will help find solutions instead of just pointing out the problems??

image: ocean wind energy, solution or threat?

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Peter Etnoyer said...

Right on! No fear for the acid ocean zombie plague monster. Go windmills. Sorry birds.