Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sturgeon reappears

A young atlantic sturgeon was found in the Baltic Sea, for the first time in perhaps a century (left).

Hallelujah, what fun it would be to note a fantastic species like a sturgeon, which is amazing to look at and can get huge. Like the size of an elongated large motorcycle or small car (right).

But wait, it might just be a stray from a Polish captive breeding effort, so it may not be the miracle it sounds like. Oh well, either way, sturgeon in the Baltic is a good day for a fish lover. Or a good day for someone who likes the ocean. Or even a good day for someone who doesn't care, even though they won't know they're having a good day.

1 comment:

Eric Heupel said...

So tell me that this particular one was allowed to go back (though it doesn't look terribly "happy" in the picture. I mean...the first young sturgeon found in a centruy...

Crap it's dead now...What should we do now? it?