Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bad fish

Fish can be bad if you're a fan of biodiversity in lakes. Or at least it's bad to have fish in every lake.

Scientists have found that we're killing biodiversity with our love for fish and our penchant for plunking fish in every lake, pond, puddle, or stream. In Maine, for example, scientists believe that only about 50 lakes are fishless out of about 6,000 lakes.

What happens when we add fish? Various amphibians and invertebrates get eaten up and vanish. Swing by the Journal of the North American Benthological Society if you want to read more.


Cindy and Alexa BeMent said...

Thanks for this post. Living on a lake, this will be an interesting question for us to delve into more. Some fish in our lake could have me as a snack for lunch, and I've often wondered about their impact on the ecosystem.


Aidan said...

poor fishies

Amanda Crowe said...

Biologists say fishless lakes are hubs of biodiversity but because of fisherman, the fish are being moved around. Maine woods have some of the last fishless lakes in the Northeast because of the acidity of the water.