Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Somebody ate a megamouth shark

This is sad. Megamouth shark number 41 (it's the 41st megamouth ever seen) was eaten in coconut sauce in the Philippines. It's ironic, considering that the region is the home of whale shark-based tourism, so they ought to know better. They used to eat whale sharks, now they sell trips to see whale sharks.

Even if the megamouth was dead when found, there must be a more dignified fate than eating it.

Megamouths are large filter-feeding sharks, first discovered in 1976. Perhaps the world's rarest fish.


Derik said...


Tim Adams said...

You'd have to be starving to eat a dead fish you found on the beach.

Go figure.

Shark said...

Well, I think it's ok..I mean vultures do it why can't humans? it's dead what other use does it have?