Friday, March 23, 2007

Can careful consumption save the world's fish?

The sustainable seafood movement may not win, by itself, says a new analysis by Jennifer Jacquet.

Seafood is a tricky business, and mislabeling alone might confound dedicated consumers with an eye for sustainability. Chances look even worse when you add in the complexities of a global marketplace and lackluster interest in Asia--where there's a great sucking sound of seafood being eaten.

OK, Jennifer what's the alternative? You must be kidding!? Elect politicians who support conservation? Nice try, considering who gets elected these days, I think I'll stick with sustainble seafood. Since when do people vote based on fish?? Or even trees and cute furry wildlife?

Sustainability is only just beginning to impact the seafood and fishing businesses, and I think it's too early to bury the movement just yet. New approaches seem more promising than simply hoping consumers will carry complex wallet cards to guide purchasing. Now that big buyers (including some REALLY BIG buyers) are signing up for sustainability, we might actually see purchasing power have an impact.

Check back in a couple of years, and see whether politicians or big seafood buyers are doing more to save the world's fish.

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