Monday, March 19, 2007

In motion for the ocean

An idea to throw on the the ocean best saved by getting us moving in the right direction or by setting a goal and aiming for it?

Why does blogfish care? Much ado lately about
-what is sustainability?
-defining & measuring conservation success
-greenwashing among ocean users

Here's my idea, I think we have too little emphasis on getting ocean people moving in the right direction, and too much riding of high horses and telling others they're not sustainable enough. I doubt that I'm the only one that's tired of being hectored, lectured, and otherwise picked on for not being holy enough.

So...a proposal: maybe we could try to encourage people to do better this year than last, and better yet next year. If you're creating ocean impacts, try to reduce them, and then try again later to reduce them even more.

Or...the alternative: we could set a high threshold for ocean conservation success, and criticize everyone who doesn't get there right away.

Now which seems more likely to build an ocean conservation movement?

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