Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ocean jellies in the news

No, not the kind you spread on toast. These are gelatinous sea creatures like jellyfish, and they're more important than you thought.

Check out this fascinating website with links to "jellies in the news" and other treats for jelly lovers. Yes, there's even a jellies FAQ. Also lots of great pictures of jellies that are copyrighted so you'll have to click through to them.

Where else could you find the truth revealed about
whether it's really helpful to urinate on a jellyfish sting, as portrayed on the TV show "Friends." And does Adolph's meat tenderizer really help take the pain away from a sting?

If you've ever seen a stupendous fleet of
Velella, or the magic lights of a ctenophore, then you know jellies can be some of the most interesting little-known sea creatures.

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