Thursday, May 24, 2007

Save the lobsters that lay the golden eggs

Throw back the big ones. It's a new principle in managing commercial fishing, designed to save the lobsters (or fish) that lay the golden eggs.

Finally, some of the old, broken ideas are giving way. It used to be thought that a simple mathematical construct (maximum sustainable yield) was actually a good way to manage fishing. Only there were too many neglected factors that fell outside of the model and undermined it's utility. Things like the special reproductive value of big old fish (and lobsters) and the value of life history diversity in maximizing productivity.

Fishermen will now be required to throw back the biggest lobsters, following the lead of Maine. It's an overdue step and one that promises to help protect the future of lobsters and lobstering.

Maybe we'll see more efforts made to save the fish (and lobsters) that lay the golden eggs. Some fish (and lobsters) are too valuable to kill, they're worth more in the water than in the fish market.


Hodad said...

and same in Latin America
and for large demersals, the plan is to inject small fry into the holes in the reef and rocks where the big ones come from

Mark Powell said...

Fish hatcheris have a long and troubled history. Read the literature on harmful effects of hatcheries on salmon in the US northwest. Saving the big fish is better than catching them and trying to make more with human hands.

Hodad said...

small hatcheries , for small fry you are confused NOT to raise for consumption
this is a part of a solution and you bring up a negative,
did i say salmon, no i said small demersals

sure hatcheries have problems like survival rates
too much negative,too much blogging, too much wasting of time talking w/o acting
I'm off to just do it
good luck to you Pal
unsub me
and i will be fishing for large live fish!