Wednesday, June 20, 2007

San Francisco studies electricity from tides

Help end global warming by generating electricity from ocean tides? San Francisco wants to try under the Golden Gate bridge, where currents can rip by at 5 miles per hour or more. That's a lot of moving water and a lot of free energy.

Sound familiar? Blogfish brought you this story when the last study was announced.

Is this progress or more fog at the Golden Gate? The current study, paid for by PGE, will be more expensive and more detailed, and presumably another step forward.

Ocean power is not a new idea, as The Energy Blog can explain.

Ocean impacts are a real concern. After all, once upon a time we thought hydropower dams were clean power, until we learned about the ecological havoc caused by dams. Oh, wait a minute, the US government still like dams? Sigh, an advocate's work is never done.

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