Thursday, June 28, 2007

Encouraging ocean conservation with bad news?

Would you rather be an oceanographer or dig in garbage? Popular Science says studying garbage is a better job, because studying the ocean is too depressing.

OK, this means we've told the story of ocean decline too well. Popular Science says oceanographer is the second worst job in science, because it's all about weathering bad news. Yikes, I think we've gone too far.

Oceanographer ranks second behind hazmat diver (diving in sewage or nuclear waste), and just ahead of elephant vasectomist (sterilizing male elephants) or digging in garbage to study people's waste disposal habits. Ugh.

This is a change from my youth, when everyone wanted to be Jacques Cousteau and dive in the beautiful deep blue sea.

Yes, we need to tell people about problems, but we also need to inspire with our visions of solutions. Otherwise, we become the bummer brigade that everyone wants to ignore.

Now pardon me while I take a vacation from ocean conservation work and go do something fun like dig in garbage.

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