Friday, July 20, 2007

Record Gulf dead zone expected this summer

Oxygen is nice stuff, and most people get grouchy if someone tries to take their oxygen away. So why do we feel ok about suffocating fish and other ocean animals?

This year the Gulf of Mexico dead zone is predicted to set a nasty record. Scientists think the Gulf dead zone will be bigger and badder than ever. More dead animals, more ruined ocean.

All thanks to excess fertilizer that runs off of Iowa's cornfields. Ok, it's not just Iowa and not only corn, but you get the idea. Anyway, the excess fertilizer pours down the Mississippi River and fertilizes the ocean to death. Ugh.

Dead zones are becomming more common, and there may be links to climate change but that's another story.


Hodad said...

most of it IS the fertilizers,pesticides and herbicides used on corn, that is a fact
it will only get worse
same as here omn the coast of carolinas, lots of developments and golf course, way less fish,crabs,oysters and fish
we know, it is dire so far this summer especially for shrimp

HEMP is the only salvation

ethanol from corn is just a big joke and adds more credence to farm subsidies from the feds

the facts are there, one just has to find them to read them
the energy expenditures for growing corn do not add up
IMPEACH and hang in public now!

I am lucky, i get to leave for paradise,

Anonymous said...

The summer hypoxia cruise finished up on Saturday. According to an article in The Advocate (
the hypoxic area was the 3rd largest one recorded.