Thursday, April 03, 2008

Milltown Dam removal in Montana

As I visit Montana, I'm happy to bring you news and video of the latest big dam removal. Milltown Dam is now gone, and the Clark Fork and Blackfoot Rivers now flow free. Here's video from American Whitewater (posted below--4 minute time lapse of the dam's demise) and a link to the Clark Fork Coalition's Milltown Dam cam.

While you're on rivers, swing by the excellent American Rivers Blog, for all the best in river news, quotes, and more.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark, thanks for the River Blog mention on your post and glad to hear you enjoy the read!

AW did a great job with the video too, very cool.

American Rivers

Mark Powell said...

Chas, Thanks for stopping by. American Rivers is an awesome group, and I'm jealous of their great blog. Keep it up AR!

valrossie said...

A Piled behind it was a toxic soup of metals—copper, cadmium,zinc—that extended 120 miles up the watershed to the copper mines in Butte. High levels of arsenic in Milltown's drinking water were traced to those sediments. Also, the dam stopped native trout from reaching 6,000 square miles of spawning habitat. In 2005, after 20 years of negotiations, federal, tribal, and business officials finally authorized the demolition.
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steve said...

Its a nice video of 4minute where i was forgotten myself and anxiety seeing this video. I think people of that town feel happy for the dam removal by the authorities. I think the state Montana people have good days in upcoming future. Thanks for the uploading video in this site make my view clear.
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