Monday, October 15, 2007

Good news for cod on blog action day

Reduce overfishing and fish will recover, even in the severely overfished North Sea. Wow, who wouldda thunk it?! It's just the early signs of recovery, but let's enjoy the good news today.

Because, it's BLOG ACTION DAY for the environment. Today, bloggers worldwide are posting on environmental issues. The hope is that concerted action by bloggers will help lead to concerted action by others. It's worth a try.

Good news is the best way to do this work, I think. So let's all enjoy a deep breath or two while we notice that the North Sea's fabled cod are showing the early signs of recovery after decades (more like centuries) of overfishing. Maybe we can enjoy COD fish and chips again in London someday, instead of the dogfish that are typically used now.

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day


Anonymous said...

One species out of many that have been overfished, but yes, it's nice to have some god news about species recovery. Thanks for posting this on Blog Action Day.

Unknown said...

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