Sunday, October 21, 2007

Great swallower eats fish 4 times bigger than itself

Like B. Kliban said: never eat anything bigger than your head. Unless you're a great swallower, that is.

A fisherman from Grand Cayman island found a small great swallower floating on the surface with a much larger whole fish in it's stomach. Four times bigger than the great swallower.

The great swallower is a deep sea fish with a huge jaw and a balloon stomach. Known for eating huge prey, this looks like record catch for a great swallower. Of course, the fact that it was dead may mean that it was a bit too big.


Kevin Zelnio said...

Clearly, its intelligent design

Dominic said...

People may think why is this stupid fish eat prey 4 times it size, but in fact it's a very smart evolution. It's stomach is designed to swallow prey that's few times larger than itself. It'll swim around to attract predator, once the predator attacks, it'll counter-attack and turn the predator into a prey. That means, the Great Swallower don't have to go around looking for food, the food will come to him!! Since this species is only found in deep water, that means they can't see. They won't know if the prey is too large for them until their stomach couldn't take it anymore.
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Mark Powell said...

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gamefan12 said...

This is such an amazing fish. This is crazy that it can something 4 times its size. I have never heard of this fish before. This is so amazing to see this.
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