Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ocean sounds you can download

Wow, my life has been changed by a fantastic "beach sounds" podcast. OK, just a bit of hyperbole there, but it's great to have the ocean and seabirds in the background as I'm in deskworld.

I suppose there must be a million sites out there with beach sounds and the like. Maybe now I'll be motivated to go look for them. Anyone have any tips for online sources of beach sounds? I do have a whale sounds library that I'll write up for you sometime soon. Until we get further with this ocean sounds project, try the link above...I'll hear you there.

Thanks to the Cape May (NJ) County Herald, and the Nature Conservancy for the beach podcast.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Now I have some soothing white-ish noise to combat the inane drive-time AM radio chatter from my co-workers. Great blog, keep of the good work.


annabelle said...

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Mike said...

Very nice, thanks a lot. And when I saw that it's free as well I got even more excited :)) Now I can fall asleep faster, goodbye insomnia and weird thoughts before dreaming :)))
Thx again :))