Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Newer, faster, bigger, better blogfish

Determined to do more, blogfish has reconfigured. If nothing else, at least I'll give you a nifty new font, a wider look scaled to your browser window (wow), and an excuse for a really dazzling ocean picture. Hope you like it.

Oh, and please make use of that marvelous new "bookmark" button, try it once and you'll never go back to your old ways of cool indifference.


Callinectes said...

As someone who's in communications work, I love the new look, Mark! Crisp and clean, the way the ocean should always be... Joey

Karen James said...

Nice, is the template available in Blogger?

Mark Powell said...

Thanks to both of you! The template is on blogger, called Minima Stretch.

GT said...

The ocean picture is awesome! I've "stumbled" your new blog version. May I suggest a font update, also to add to the sleek modern look?

Although I'm in Tallahassee Florida, I love the Pacific northwest and there's nothing like the Pacific ocean!

Tracy Rouleau said...

Hi Mark -

Great new format - I have to admit it threw me for a while though, had to double check I was on the right site! (Strangely enough it looks eerily like my new blog LOL!!!)
Love the picture too!
Anyway - wanted to get your thoughts on Climate Change and Fisheries - in the NW., inland or marine - are you or any colleagues doing anything special in that area? Don't know if I can request a special topic - but I guess I just did...

Mark Powell said...

We're beginning to focus on climate change, as it threatens to overwhelm all other conservation issues in the ocean. Not saying it has overwhelmed all else, but it threatens to. Since we're Ocean Conservancy, we're looking at ocean-specific threats like acidifcation and seeking alliances among diverse ocean people ENGOs and fishing industry to find solutions.

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