Thursday, February 21, 2008

3 c conservation at Western Washington U

Here we go, WWU, let's make 3 c conservation into a compelling idea!

I had a fun time at Western Washington University, with a great group of students in Prof. Shull's Environmental Science 101 class. Together, we launched a new idea, 3 c conservation. Now we'll try to make it compelling, see the challenge below.

What is 3 c conservation?

It starts with change...a specific conservation change we want.
It expands craft a productive solution that people can embrace
Then we make it compelling...using new media tools to build broad ownership.

We talked about some examples, such as Ocean Conservancy's effort to end overfishing in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond. I think it's working, and overfishing will end in a few years. By powerful work using 3 c conservation! Now I'm going to stop with this skeletal outline of the idea, and see what happens.

No big deal, right? Fairly simple idea, maybe nothing new. Or is it? What do you say, Vikings? And isn't that a slick hybrid car coming out of WWU, you guys know how to make things happen.

The challenge? Make a splash with 3 c conservation. I'll put up the first public post (this is it), and we'll work together in trying out the 3 c conservation idea. This post is my take on how to advance conservation, the students in the class agreed to expand on the idea with comments and we'll all work together on a group effort to make it compelling. (Ok, I didn't really give them a chance to say no, but that's the fun of getting to be on the podium.)

We'll all post, repost, comment, and talk up the idea with social bookmarking sites like:

Just click the "bookmark" icon at the bottom of the post, and select your favorite site. I like digg and reddit. ready set go


HBIC said...

Great lecture today! The concept of 3C conservation is really fascinating, and a great method to making things happen.

Anonymous said...


Water Words

Anonymous said...

A paper you might want to look at about overfishing in the Gulf of Mexico. I haven't read the completed version of the paper yet, but have heard some of the discussion about the paper while it was in prep.
de Mutsert K, Cowan JH Jr, Essington TE & Hilborn R (2008) Reanalysis of Gulf of Mexico fisheries data: landings can be misleading in assessments of fisheries and fisheries ecosystems. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences DOI: 10.1073/pnas.0704354105

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