Friday, February 29, 2008

Better gummy worm fishing lures

Who knew that the gummy worm problem needed a solution? Ben Hobbins did, and his answer may end up reducing water pollution.

Those soft plastic worms and other fishing lures that are so popular are loaded with phthalates, a toxic compound that makes plastics flexible. Gummy worm baits can be up to one-half phthalates by weight.

Making a gummy worm with the right properties isn't easy. By embedding microfibers into the baits, Ben Hobbins has now made a worm that's gummy enough without containing all the phthalates. They're sold as IronClads.

Next step, sustainable kink: selling "jelly rubber" sex toys without phthalates, dioxins, or other toxics.


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Unknown said...

Creating a gummy earthworms with the right qualities isn't simple. By embedding microfibers into the lures, Ben Hobbins has now created a earthworms that's gummy enough without containing all the phthalates.worms for fishing

Frazer said...

With so many worm imatations brands zoom and berkley just to name a few. Here in the UK we are not yet over saturated with soft plastics yet!!

Great post tho.

Many Thanks

danish said...

Great to see this types of unique lures..!!

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