Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Coastal oceans getting cleaner

Now here's some good news, toxic pollution levels are going down in our coastal ocean waters. The results come from the US government's Mussel Watch program that has tracked pollution over more than two decades.

Toxic pollutants that are decreasing include the following serious problem pollutants: DDT, PCBs, and tributyl-tin.

Not everything is peachy keen, some pollutants are still entering waterways and creating concerns, such as oil related hydrocarbons (really high in SF Bay after an oil spill) and PDBE flame retardants.

It's nice to know things are improving, and it's really nice to know that this valuable government program has been out there plugging along for decades. And it continues. Go here if you want the full scary 29 MB report.

We're doing some things right.

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