Thursday, May 08, 2008

Common Vision for Sustainable Seafood

This is the way to advance seafood sustainability!

There is now a Common Vision for Sustainable Seafood that is supported by a wide range of conservation groups and seafood businesses. For more information, here is the press release announcing the new effort.

If you're a seafood business person and you're interested in helping to advance a shared vision for sustainable seafood, please contact me or go to the link above.

Consumers, you will soon see the benefits of this effort when you visit your favorite seafood retailer. Or...if you don't...ask them to get involved.

For a better ocean future!


Neutral Dive Gear said...

Not sure if you have seen this story yet, just doing our little part to spread the word.


Keep diving!


Neutral Dive Gear said...

p.s. Love the blog! And would love to add you to our blogroll; any chance at a reciprocal link?

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