Monday, June 30, 2008

Catching crabs from your living room

Living La Vida Deadly just got easier, thanks to The Deadliest Catch for Xbox 360. Now you can face life as a crab boat captain, with real world challenges like:

"Captain, you've got help me. I've got a girl in my bunk and my girlfriend just showed up. Can you keep her busy?"
Who knew that king crab chic would reach such heights?


Jeffry R. Johnston said...

The TV show is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine ...

Anonymous said...

I've only caught the show in short bits. What is the appeal? The human drama? The danger? Everything occurs at the surface, yes? Have they ever gone below the waves to show the environment that they are fishing? Even tied a camera to the traps? What does it mean to remove that many organisms from the environment? Is this a sustainable fishery? Is that question even brought up in the show? Or is it all just waves washing over and a bunch of cursing at the elements?

Mark Powell said...

It's a reality thriller as we wonder who's next in the lottery for Davy Jones' locker. Nothing about oceans, except oceans as the malevolant beast hiding riches that can be snatched by only the most worthy.

It's a good lesson for those of us who want to sell oceans. This series makes crab fishing sexy, and that's as improbable as making ocean conservation sexy.

Now excuse me as I go review Sizzle...the global warming comedy.