Tuesday, May 05, 2009

200,000 visits to blogfish

Thanks to YOU, blogfish logged visit number 200,000 on Sunday morning. Who knew we'd be at it things long together, you and me?

Here's how I celebrated the blessed event (photo at right). The water was a balmy 48F, visibility 8-12 feet, calm wind, and overall it was a great swim.

Here's a photo (below) of the ocean off Fletcher Bay on Bainbridge Island, on this perfectly calm day, with the Olympic Mountains just peeking out of the clouds in the background.

Now let's dig in and build ocean connections even higher, on our way to the next 200,000 visits!!

Oh, just for fun, visit number 200,000 came from Salt Lake City at 6:36 am PDT.


WhySharksMatter said...

Say what you want about the South and how it baffles you, but it sure as heck isn't 48 degrees in May here. It's 82 here in Charleston. I went to the beach yesterday and got a sunburn.

Congrats on reaching this milestone, and keep up the good work!

Tracy Rouleau said...

WOW - that's fantastic Mark! Keep up the good work! Now if everyone could raise a fish for each time they visit blogfish maybe we can restore our global fisheries???

Custom Crankbait Guy said...

200k visits? Man, that is a great milestone. Great work on the blog and on your impact to conservation of fish populations!

Mark Powell said...

WSM, the WATER was 48F, the air was a balmy 60F. And the snow-capped mountains in the background behind the velvety green hills added to the delight. But another warm day would be nice, no doubt. We've hit 70 this spring, looking forward to more warm days.

Horizon Charters Guadalupe Cage Diving said...

That's a cool milestone kudos!