Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cry, the beloved oyster

Oysters are my favorite ocean animal. What can I say, they're charismatic and sexy and interesting and yummy and important and...well...beloved.

Imagine my dismay when I read this article. Actually, it wasn't a big surprise to me, I've heard about this before. But the news just keeps getting worse.

Acid in the ocean seems to be killing oysters today, as we sit on our cushioned chairs and sofas watching TV. It's not a future crime, or a distant speculation of what might be. It's here and now.

Cry, the belove oysters, while it still might make a difference. Cry, and then get off your cushions and do something. And it won't help to simply stop eating them. Indeed, eat an oyster first, and then go charging of to save them, fortified with the elixir of life.


Dave said...

I you really enjoy oysters then try some wonderful New Zealand Bluff Oysters.....yummy!
I recently stumbled upon some information on Salt Water Aquariums by a marine biologist when visiting

Dan said...

I had my boat in the water for 4 years and when i took out the renken, it had over 1000 Oysters, i was amazed on how big they were, i mean i tought i had some barnacles, but these oysters really amazed me. Great article.

Amanda said...

Forget "save the whales," take up a local cause and save the oysters.

Anonymous said...

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