Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Wave energy site under construction

A dubious or honorable first for Oregon? The first US wave energy plant is under construction off Reedsport, Oregon. Will they work well, or just turn into expensive garbage littering and damaging ocean habitats?

Fishermen are up in arms, worried that they won't be able to fish there. So perhaps we'll get to ocean zoning, a process that most fishermen have opposed when they thought it would reduce fishing. Now some may find that ocean zoning helps fishing by securing some places where fishing is the preferred use.

Time to find out how well this technology works, and if we can reduce our reliance on fossil fuels without too many accidents, it'll be a good thing.

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Angelo Villagomez said...

It is an interesting thought to say that you are zoning areas just for fishing, but I think most would quickly argue that the entire ocean is zoned for fishing right now (with about 0.1% exception in MPAs)