Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Whale with an ocean plastic problem

Tell me what you think of this Surfider video. Does it go too far, or is it a good way to get attention for a serious problem?

I like it.


El Pescador said...

i think the animation softens the blow a little. i like it.

Anonymous said...

Great video, and great blog! If you don't mind, I've linked to your blog on my site.

Antarctic and Southern Ocean Coalition said...

Not too far at all. People need to know what the consequences of their actions are. While too much guilt may not work very well, it seems to me that telling people exactly why single-use bottles are bad by providing a specific example connecting their use to a negative outcome could be a stronger motivator than another generic "use a reusable water bottle" message.

In my mind, it's almost related to the fact that plastic bag fees work better than plastic bag credits. Eschewing the bags for the minor benefit of feeling ecofriendly and saving a few cents doesn't motivate very many people, but having to pay a few cents does change behavior. It's not quite the same, but to me they seem related in that sometimes you need a little negativity, whether it's paying for something that used to be free or reminding people that charismatic animals might die, to motivate people.

Unknown said...
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