Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Endangered Fraser sockeye booming

Just when it seemed that Fraser River sockeye salmon were about to go down the toilet into extinction, those darn fish had the temerity to stage a comeback. Sockeye salmon numbers are up in the Fraser River this year, W-A-Y up.

If you're a science geek and you'd like to go to the source for the real numbers, go here.

What does this all mean for the sustainability of Fraser River sockeye salmon? One good year does not equal healthy salmon, but it's certainly a much better result than another bad year. In fact, one good year doesn't really change anything, these fish are still in trouble. The only big change with this year's sockeye boom is that it's hard to get people interested in the plight of Fraser River sockeye this year.

If only they had the grace to fade away uniformly...

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Anonymous said...

Pesky little buggers aren't they. Instead of looking at what has went wrong with other year returns, we should look at what went right with this year. Feed availability?

Don S