Monday, August 09, 2010

Yukon River salmon shortage-again

Remember those Yukon River king salmon that blogfish told you about in 2006. The yummy ones with the high fat content that rival Copper River kings? Don't go looking for them in your local store, Yukon kings are going missing again this year.

What's wrong with the Yukon River king salmon? Is it climate change, parasites, or phases of the moon? Or maybe just the boom and bust cycle going the wrong way, and we humans get all fussed because we're used to the good days of lots of fish.

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Mark's Brother said...

2 weeks ago I was in the village of Ruby on the middle Yukon. One of the women who works for the same company I do is from Ruby, and takes her vacation there in the summer for subsistence fishing. They only caught 2 Kings in their fishwheel this season. They do catch other fish, but the Kings are getting scarce.