Saturday, March 26, 2011

Salmon activist goes to court...again

Salmon farming kills...or does it? Time for a judge to decide.

Salmon farmers have decided to sue environmental activist Don Staniford who has been pushing the message that salmon farming kills. Check out the ominous images at right, equating salmon farming and smoking.

Staniford has been successfully sued before, over unproven claims about use of banned chemicals in salmon farming.

Salmon farming has impacts, like all uses of land and resources. But comparing salmon farming to smoking? That's more than a little bit ridiculous.


Don Staniford said...

Hey Mark, please get your facts right or you'll sound like a salmon farmer!

You say I was "successfully sued" - that's not true. I won the appeal and Creative Salmon were denied leave to appeal in the Supreme Court of Canada.

Please do your homework properly! Details via:

“Fish farm defamation case goes back to trial” (FIS, 18th February 2009):

Mark Powell said...

Hi Don,

I did try to find out the result of your first court case, and I couldn't. The link you posted doesn't reveal the final result.

What about your current claims? Do you really think salmon farming can be equated to smoking? C'mon, get real. Smoking is the single largest cause of preventable death in the world (except maybe accidents)! Equating salmon farming to smoking is ridiculous to the point of being absurd.