Monday, March 21, 2011

Ross sea toothfish decline?

This is very bad. An Antarctic toothfish fishery with a controversial sustainability certification may be the cause of a substantial fish decline. In a charismatic place that scientists care about...a lot.

Toothfish seem to be disappearing from McMurdo Sound in the southern Ross Sea thanks to the eco-labelled Antarctic toothfish fishery. This from deliberate and methodical scientists, not finger-wagging enviro radicals.

If this proves true, it's hard to support the credibility of the Antarctic toothfish certification by the Marine Stewardship Council. And if you have doubts, you're in good company. A star-studded cast of scientists have weighed in with doubts about the sustainability of this fishery.

Toothfish are only one of the cases that fishyfellow is doggedly blogging about at "How Sustainable are Eco-Certified Fisheries?" Want to learn more about spiny dogfish certification? How about surveillance audits of South African hake? It's not the sexiest blog in the world, but it is meat and potatoes for anyone with a scientific bent who is concerned about ocean ecosystems.

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