Sunday, March 20, 2011

Wild Gulf of Mexico seafood

Want to know where your red snapper dinner came from? If you're lucky enough to buy a Gulf of Mexico fish, you can now trace it back to the fishing boat that caught your dinner. Wow. All thanks to that nice blue and white tag on the fish (right).

What do you want to know? Just click and learn:

Track your Fish

Finally, answers to your Gulf of Mexico seafood questions - and they're just a quick click away. Simply enter the unique number from your Gulf Wild seafood tag to access the important credentials of your specific fish:
-Captain's bio and photo
-The harvesting vessel's name and background
-Fish house and city where your seafood was landed
-NOAA Grid ID - where in the Gulf your fish was caught
-Specific fish type
Gulf Wild stands ready to provide real-time answers about your seafood like no one has before.

Look who's showing the world how to bring seafood to customers in the 21st century. Red snapper and grouper fishermen from the Gulf of Mexico. It wasn't that long ago that these guys were arguing for more overfishing, despite a decades-long overfishing debacle that meant there were few fish left.

Now, Gulf of Mexico fishermen are enjoying the fruits of more fish in the ocean and more fish to catch, and they're innovating to make their seafood more than just the best-tasting seafood.

Through Gulf Wild, Gulf fishermen are tagging fish when caught, and tracing that information all the way through the supply chain.

I'm impressed.

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