Thursday, April 07, 2011

The joy of cooking lionfish

Lionfish look scary, and they're nasty invaders that are taking over where they don't belong. So, let's fire up the overfishing machine that has done such a good job of threatening some old favorites like Atlantic halibut and Atlantic cod.

A new cookbook aims to help, the Lionfish Cookbook. Why not get people's appetites in line with conservation priorities, so that overconsumption becomes a virtue.

How about some Braised Lionfish in Szechuan Hot Bean Sauce? Yum.

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paul said...

Hi Mark
Braised Lionfish in Szechuan Hot Bean Sauce,cant say i have ever tried that,dont see it on menus in the uk but would love to give it a try. The lionfish cookbook looks interesting too,a birthday present for the wife i think.