Thursday, May 04, 2006

Alarm bells for endangered fish

More bad news, the list of endangered fish just got longer.

Today the IUCN released their annual list of threatened species worldwide. The number of marine fish on the list is growing, including this lovely and vulnerable humphead wrasse.

“Marine species are proving to be just as much at risk of extinction as their land-based counterparts” said Craig Hilton-Taylor of the IUCN Red List Unit.

Sadly, these fish are out of sight & out of mind, but hopefully not yet out of time.


FishFinder said...

Something I am finding to be equally disturbing is this week's ESA listing of staghorn and elkhorn corals in Florida and the Caribbean. Not only do these organisms provide our fish species with critical habitat, but they are essentaial wave breaks for our beaches and seaside communities. However, a listing as "threatened" does not provide the necessary legal teeth to offer me any comfort that we are any closer to protecting these staples of our tropical reefs today then we were on Monday.

Mark Powell said...

Fair enought, skepticism seems reasonable given the scope of the problem. But I'm an optimist (see post above on these corals). Who sees big changes coming? Who knew the Berlin Wall was coming down? Who would've guessed that we'd see smoking banned in public buildings in place after place? We can change things and save corals!