Friday, May 05, 2006

Vanishing corals protected

New hope for threatened corals--protection promises new recovery efforts.

Elkhorn and staghorn corals once produced "forests" of antler-like reefs in Florida and the Caribbean, but they're now being killed by warmer water, pollution, algae, sediment, and diseases.

Spokesperson Jennifer Moore stressed that ''NOAA has not said that global warming is the cause,'' even though the agency does blame warmer water.

Blogfish brought news last month of one way to reduce algae overgrowth, I hope recovery planning includes the necessary strong steps.

"Fishfinder" offered a skeptical view of coral recovery in yesterday's comments...but hope springs eternal here at blogfish, like the bald eagles and ospreys that fly over Bainbridge Island. When Silent Spring was published in 1962, who woulda thunk that DDT would be banned in 1972 and that bald eagles and osprey would recover so dramatically in a couple of decades?

Change seems impossible until afterwards, when it looks inevitable.


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