Monday, May 29, 2006

Restoration turns into oyster bar for fish

Cownose rays were unwelcome guests at an oyster restoration project in the Chesapeake Bay, eating most of the project.

Most of the 775,000 oysters were gone just a few days after they were planted in the Piankatank River near Stingray Point.

The planted oysters were eaten before they had a chance to hide in the oyster shell reefs made just for them, probably because warm water brought the rays in earlier than usual. This isn't the first time that rays have made a feast off of oyster restoration projects, maybe they're learning the routine.


Scott M. Head said...

I hate rays more than any creature in the brine, and I do like me some oysters! Now this is more reason to dislike the winged devils even more. My son was nailed by one last month, stepped square on the little bugger. He went his merry way and we left for the day.

Rays... magnificent creatures but not my favorite fish at all...

Great blog by the way!

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