Thursday, January 18, 2007

Seafood chowder tells a tale of decline

You can read the ocean in a bowl of chowder, and local Maine chowder says the ocean is hurting.

Fisherman Dick Bridges of Stonington, Maine is worried, now that his chowder has nothing but lobster. There's nothing else to catch nearby. He's not sad about the recent lobster boom, the problem is that there's nothing else left. The death of local cod is a bad thing, even though it's probably allowed the lobster to boom.

Why? Because the only healthy ocean is a diverse ocean. And this isn't coming from an egghead ecologist, it's a salty fisherman.

What is Dick Bridges, a biodiversity advocate or a common sense fisherman? Both.

Read Molly O'Neill's lyrical piece in the NY Times for the whole story.
photo: NY Times

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