Monday, January 29, 2007

Sustainable Seafood-a solution you can take to the bank

The Ocean Conservancy wants to link marketplace and policy efforts to achieve sustainable fishing practices

In 2005, The Ocean Conservancy, an organization long respected for its work in fisheries policy, launched the Campaign for Sustainable Fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico. This major effort aims to return these storied fisheries to health through improved fishery management combined with economic incentives that work for everyone—seafood businesspeople, fishermen, and consumers—and that ensure long-term sustainability of the fish.

The Ocean Conservancy didn’t invent the idea of sustainable seafood, but we do see an opportunity to align sustainability incentives with fi shery management reform. The result will
be a powerful integration of regulations and incentives that can return Gulf fisheries, and perhaps others, to sustainability.

Together with our partners, we are taking the first steps to:
• Improve fisheries management and restore red snapper to abundance;
• Build market networks that support sustainable red snapper fishing in the Gulf; and,
• Reward innovative fishermen and buyers who support sustainability.

How can you help?
• Buyers … buy red snapper only from fishermen actively working toward sustainability.
• Fishermen … adopt the most sustainable practices and support red snapper rebuilding.
• Advocates … join us to align sustainability incentives with management reform efforts.

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Hodad said...

lots of talk, cuz
less action
but then this is 2007 when the values of most are 'wanna be american idols'

unlike the good ole HIPPIE activist days 60's; 70's
right on! Cptn. Paul Watson
sink em.
Viva El Frente