Wednesday, January 03, 2007

What's in the ocean?

Simple question, with a complex answer. This year's fabulous finds include shrimp that flirt with boiling water and birds that migrated 40,000 miles in 200 days (photo at right).

The Census of Marine Life is just beginning to yield results, and scientists are like kids in a toy store, giddy with joy. New animals, previously unknown...20,000 different kinds of bacteria in a liter of sea ocean life has changed over time...and the success of conservation efforts (yay, I love that one!).

Get lost on their website, and please tell blogfish what you find! Also look for sub-sites, such as Tagging of Pacific Pelagics, with such treasures as real time tracks of blue whales, leatherback sea turtles, thresher sharks, and other migrating animals.

Photo: Migrating shearwaters, tracked by TOPP

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