Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fiddling while Europe's fish disappear

Who will disappear first, Europe's fish or fishermen? The way things are going, the last fisherman will go out of business just after selling the last fish.

Crippled by arguments and failed policies, European fisheries are in even worse shape than US fisheries. Conservationists are upset, fishermen are upset, managers are beleagured and upset, and the fish are smaller and fewer every year.

The thousand pound bluefin tuna of yesterday are only a memory, and famous North Sea cod are almost gone--scientists advise no more fishing until they recover.

Overall fish levels in the North Sea have dropped 60% in the last 100 years, showing that fishing taken much of the life out of Europe's oceans.

Are there signs of change in recent fishing cutbacks? Is the glass 1/4 full or 3/4 empty?

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