Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Is the ocean starving?

We know about missing cod, and some know about missing zooplankton. One person's view is that these are all symptoms of an ocean in starvation.

The news at is all bad. Some scientists have criticized the conclusions, but there are some worrisome facts at the base of the arguments.

Is the ocean starving? It's a radical hypothesis, and I invite you to draw your own conclusions.



Anonymous said...

Current human bones have 500 to 1000 X's the levels of lead that prehistoric human bones had. It is very likely that these chronic levels are toxicologically significant. In fish, lead is known to increase peristalsis. If ocean fish, such as cod, have increased levels of lead (there is a lot of research to suggest this) what food that is available to them may pass thru them too quickly to be adequately utilized. If food supplies have been reduced anyway the lead issue could be compounding the problems.
Ray Kinney

Unknown said...

Here in the UK we are seeing sand eel stocks being heavily reduced but Pipe fish numbers exploding. Fish and seabirds are feeding on the pipe fish, however the food quality is low and not providing the required dietry needs of fish and birds alike.

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