Thursday, June 07, 2007

Reaching beyond the comfort zone

I think our ocean future lies in reaching beyond the comfort zone. Can we do things differently, and bring oceans and people together?

My image comes from Santa Cruz in the late 1980s, Waddell Creek to be precise. I was windsurfing in 25 knots, with a modest surf, and I saw an alluring image, a large racing yacht far offshore running downwind with a huge spinnaker flying. Wow. After a moments thought, I took my next reach out further and further wondering if I could get close enough for a good look.

Offshore on an 8 1/2 foot fiberglas sliver may not be too smart, this gear goes like hell when it's together, but it breaks now and then. I once had my sail separate from my board, and another time snapped a boom in two.

But no problem this time, I got a couple of miles offshore and made a close pass and waved at the party crowd on board. It was a beautiful sight. Inspiring, I still remember that day far offshore, alone, except for that big boat going fast. Maybe they had fun watching me too, who knows?

What drives us to reach beyond our comfort zone? It needs to be something magnetic. For us advocates, it's easy to push for change. But for most, even an email to a Senator may be a long reach.

We need to connect with people if we want them to save our oceans, and provide something attractive enough so that they reach beyond their comfort zone. What will it be? Wonky "action alerts" that describe the latest federal register request for comments? Or some really fine ocean blogging? We've tried quite a bit of the former, maybe we need a bit more of the latter.

So join the fun, reach beyond your comfort zone, and start blogging oceans. If you've read this far, then you must already care. Start your MySpace page and talk to a few people about oceans. Let's start making more ocean connections and we'll have a chance.

You've done it before, at some other time and place, and you know it's great. What's your story of reaching beyond your comfort zone? Would you do it again?

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Hodad said...

great image, actually got to sail a Santa Cruz 23 out of the harbour in the bay, way out, in Monterrey bay
maybe 86 it was
great you windsurf, it is a fun sport when there are no waves, but lots of wind like here in Myrtle Beach
El Sal, well.... more waves
[oh, I forgot, fish farming,yes, but off shore]