Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Prehistoric whale hunting

Whale hunting is not new. Arctic people were hunting whales at least 3,000 years ago in what is now Alaska and Russia, according to a new study.

According to scientists: "The importance of whaling in arctic prehistory is clear. Prehistoric settlements were situated and defended so that people could hunt whales"

No reports on whether anti-whaling activists interfered and tried to block the hunts.


Maria said...

Hi- I recently stumbled onto your blog. In "Prehistoric Whale Hunting" you wrote:

"No reports on whether anti-whaling activists interfered and tried to block the hunts."

Is this a sarcastic jab at anti-whaling activists who block illegal hunts? 3000 years ago people had an actual NEED for whale hunts. Nowadays it is sick and greedy practice of certain well-developed countries to slaughter whale...there is simply no need.

I'm hoping I read the post wrong..can you clarify your stance? Thanks- Maria

Mark Powell said...

Maria, Not all whale hunts are sick and greedy, IMO. The first Makah hunt a few years ago was part of a cultural tradition that goes back to this 3000 year old hunt. The recent illegal hunt was not so benign. I think anti-whaling activists can and should express their anger at the Japanese hunts, and illegal hunts, but protesting the legal Makah hunt would be, in my opinion, a mistake. Lumping all whale hunting together as sick and greedy is also a mistake IMO. You're welcome to your opinion, of course.

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