Saturday, April 26, 2008

Sherman's Lagoon on saving sharks

Want to know what can happen to a shark if he's not careful? See what happens to Sherman of Sherman's Lagoon as he gets his fins sliced off, reattached, and lives through the whole ordeal, as Sherman's Lagoon takes a stand for saving sharks.

Here's the opener from last Sunday, and if you go to the Sherman's Lagoon website you can watch Sherman's adventure over the next week (April 14-20, 2008). I don't want to spoil it for you, but it does involve an online bidding site (see toon above--Sherman tries to get his fins back).

In the real ocean, most sharks aren't so lucky and getting their fins sliced off is a one way trip to death. Too many sharks are getting killed for their fins, and courageous cartoonist Jim Toomey is to be congratulated for taking a very public stand for shark conservation, in addition to writing a very funny comic strip.

Thanks Jim. I've always wondered what cartoonists are like, and I had the privilege of meeting Jim and finding out. He's a really funny guy, no kidding! Dinner with Jim is an adventure.

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