Monday, September 29, 2008

Grey Goose and (sea) cucumbers

Friday night the drinks were strong, Blue Planet was on, and the locals were looking curiously at the science bloggers and fans talking about deep-sea habitats and hit counts. Somehow, no one has yet posted pictures of the event and I really thought Andrew would be over his hangover by now, but see my first sentence.

Since Zooillogix is in recovery, I will beat them to the news of the prehistoric giant killer goose. Maybe if today's albatrosses had a fifteen-foot wingspan and "pseudo-teeth" they would be better able to avoid fishing lines. Or maybe they'd just eat the boats. An ocean with scissor-tooth sharks and fanged geese would be something to see, preferably as your own a well-armored critter rather than a soft, tasty mammal.


DeKreeft27 said...

I am over the hangover but way behind on work. As for the party pics, that Josh Roseneau(sp?) guy has all of them. I emailed him and asked him to send along.

Nice work with the goose.

- Andrew B

Spirittap said...
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