Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Help save critically endangered right whales

Blue alert: have you seen this young right whale (see photo)? He was one year old when he went missing, after being run over by a ship, and he'd be 3 now if he's still alive.

Now is an important time for right whales, those critically endangered giants of the sea. Efforts are underway to reduce harm to whales, including whales getting run over by big cargo ships and whales getting tangled up in fishing gear.

To learn more and find out how to help save right whales, drop by Ocean Conservancy and/or the New England Aquarium. These venerable institutions are leading efforts to protect right whales, and they can use your help.

And, check out the info on whales and more at the New England Aquarium's great blog, The New Blue.

BTW, let me know if you'd like to see more of these calls to action for ocean conservation.


Jives said...

Thanks for the link, Mark!

The Ocean Conservation's leadership on this issue has been amazing. Especially the lawsuit in June!

Now about 3 months later this thing looks like it'll happen soon! Hopefully a new administration will even improve it to the 30 nmi.

Anonymous said...

To see where right whales are right now in Massachusetts Bay, check out - and learn about the smart buoy technology that keeps an ear out for them.

Right whales are just starting their southward migration from the Bay of Fundy to calving grounds off Georgia. If there aren't any detections in Mass Bay when you check, come back a bit later... Thanks for the post, Mark - and do keep this sort of thing coming.