Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stuff white people don't like?

Seafood. That's according to this odd little snippet of a graphs I found at NOAA today. It appears that the feds conducted a survey on consumer seafood demand in 2005-06. The site promises that "more rigorous analyses" are coming soon, but so far this one page is all there is. And what it says is that white households purchase less seafood than blacks or "others" -- only Hispanics bought less fish than whites.
Overall, households that were in the Northeast, upper-income and from “Other” racial/ethnic groups (e.g., Asian, Pacific-Islander, etc.) were more likely to purchase seafood from a retail outlet relative to other regions, income groups and racial/ethnic groups.
Seafood isn't cheap, so you would expect purchasing to correlate with rising incomes, but what about these other trends? Do they really hold up? Was the study abandoned for lack of funds? Are white people just catching their own fish instead of buying it? C'mon, don't leave us hanging, NMFS!


Kenia Soares said...

muito interessante!

Anonymous said...

Everybody knows that surveys/studies can be manipulated and interpreted wrong. I am white and we purchase alot of seafood for human and animal consumption.

My fav. restaurant is Red Lobster and my fav. plate is the seafood platter.

Really where do people get this stuff from?

Slickeer said...

I'm sure many have never heard of the elusive lake trout found in the murky recesses of Baltimore city...

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