Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Puffins in trouble?

Nothing is cuter than a puffin, and with the North Sea puffins now in trouble, Newsweek asks: Are they cute enough to inspire a rescue effort. It's "The power of cuddly."

For those of you who don't know puffins, they're the silly little sea bird with the big colorful beak shown in the photo at left.

We've been through this before, with baby seals and pandas, and the power of cuddly is huge. Let's hope it does the trick for puffins. Now isn't this a great excuse to pust some intolerably cute pix of baby seals and pandas?


Kate said...

People love puffins. I hope they get a chance. I can understand why the average person can be attached to them. You're right, the power of cuddly is huge. Let's hope it's enough. Not just for the puffins, but for all the animals that share that biome.

Tashai said...

Those ARE some intolerably cute pix. :)
Diversity is important to the planet. Non-furries deserve a chance too.