Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boston seafood show 4

Bye Boston. How charming to leave downtown in a water taxi that gets to the airport cheaper than a car taxi.

I rode Alaska flight 15, loaded with Seafood show people. I sat ina middle seat between a person from Trident Seafoods and a person from Icicle Seafoods, two of the really big northwest seafood businesses with more than a $1 billion per year in combined seafood sales (according to Seafood Business Magazine).

That pretty much tells the story of the seafood show. Can a conservation group find common cause with big seafood businesses? I think so. They didn't try to throw me off the plane.

We had a meeting today that proves the point. It was a group of shrimpers from the Guf of Mexico, shrimp buyers, and fish conservation NGOs, all of us working together on finding ways to improve the shrimp fishery. Improve the business of catching and selling shrimp while also lowering the environmental impact of shrimping. And there were no big arguments, we have shared goals and we're pretty much agreeing on the steps we're going to take together to move in the right direction.

Bye, Boston, see you next year.

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Very hopeful! Keep us posted, especially as shrimping gets reformed.